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A Prayer for Owen Meany Vocabulary


ch 4 and 5 vocabulary

1provocative _____bloody, red
2curmudgeon _____spreading, increasing quickly
3tremulous _____to put off or avoid doing
4vociferous _____almost perfect example
5deleterious _____bad tempered person
6lascivious _____divided into three parts
7tripartite _____loud,noisy
8penultimate _____funeral hymn or sad song
9genuflect _____various, variety
10proliferation _____quivering, nervous
11quintessential _____lustful
12perfunctory _____very sad, depressing
13eclectic _____name or title
14lugubrious _____agreeing or consenting
15acquiescent _____bending on one knee
16sanguinary _____without care or concern
17petulant _____harmful
18orthodox _____traditional
19facetious _____teasing, humorous
20appellation _____irritable
21dirgeful _____exceptionally clean
22procrastinate _____next to last
23fastidious _____to stir to action

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