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Reflexive Verbs

Kaylyn Wheeler

A test to study for my Spanish test.

1mudarse _____to stand up/get up
2ponerse _____to remain/stay
3peinarse _____to dry off
4dormirse _____to take a shower
5divertirse _____to wash (oneself)
6desvestirse _____to have fun/enjoy one's self
7despertarse _____to get used to
8cepillarse _____to feel (physically/emotionally)
9casarse _____to get angry
10vestirse _____to become/to put on
11bañarse _____to get dressed
12afietarse _____to shave
13acostarse _____to undress
14secarse _____to fall asleep
15acostumbrarse _____to bathe oneself/take a bath
16enfermarse _____to bruse (hair/teeth)
17mirarse _____to go to bed
18maquillarse _____to get married
19quitarse _____to comb one's hair
20llamarse _____to go away/leave
21levantarse _____to look at oneself
22lavarse _____to wake up
23irse _____to move/change residence
24enojarse _____to be named
25verse _____to sit down
26sentirse _____to get sick
27sentarse _____to try on
28quedarse _____to take off/remove
29probarse _____to see oneself (or each other)
30preocuparse _____to worry (about)
31ducharse _____to put on make-up (on oneself)

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