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Make an oral presentation


Which linking word or sentence would you use to...

1Introduce the notion _____Due to/ Thanks to
2Give a definition of the notion _____What's more/ Moreover/ Furthermore/ Plus
3Start your presentation _____To me/ In my opinion/ As far as I am concerned
4ill be Give your problem statement _____To what extent……………… ?
5Develop / explain your arguments _____However/ Nonetheless/ But
6Give examples _____We are going to deal with the notion
7Rephrase your idea _____To begin with, I’d like to give a definition of the notion
8Sum up your arguments  _____Indeed
9Add arguments  _____On the one hand, On the Other hand / First, Then, Finally
10Organise your ideas _____That is to say/ In other words
11express a cause _____For all these reasons / The point is that
12Express a difference _____Contrary to
13Show that you don't accepet completely _____In relation to the notion, the subject of my presentation will be / In relation to the notion,I would like to focus on
14Give your opinion  _____To set an example/ For example/ For instance/ To illustrate my point
15Conclure _____To conclude/ As a conclusion

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