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Voc. Quiz #21 Early Middle Ages


1Mass _____the daily language of a region
2Magna Carta _____A friar who started a Franciscan sect to to help the poor
3heresy _____Hatred against the Jews
4William the Conqueror _____Document limiting the power of King John and giving rights to nobles
5Grand Jury _____religous official such as priest
6Trial Jury _____Conquered England and became King.
7anti-semitism _____A group that decides whether a person is innocent or guilty
8clergy _____He was forced by the nobles to sign the Magna Carta.
9guarantee _____a belief that contradicts a established religion
10document _____task to complete in return for a payment
11Chivalry _____The Medieval Knights code of conduct
12Nonetheless _____to achieve a goal inspite of obstacles
13theology _____the study of religion and faith using reason
14Francis of Assisi _____A catholic religious worship
15King John _____the study of religion
16scholasticism _____Group of people who decides whether a person should be accused of a crime
17vernacular _____to acquire, to get
18job _____a written or printed paper
19demonstrate _____a promise that something will be completed
20obtain _____to show or display in public

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