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Homeopathy Made Simple

Robin Marshall

Scan the following list for the problem you want to treat, note the remedy (or remedies) indicated and then check the remedy list to see which one suits.

Anaphylaxis: Acon; Apis
Bites and stings: Arn; Symph.
Blisters: Ars; Nux-v.
Bruises: Nux-v
Burns and scalds: Arn; Hyper; Led; Rhus-t; Ruta.
Cuts, scrapes and puncture wounds: Apis; Arn; Canth; Led.
Dental Work: Arn; Phos.
Electroshock: Sil.
Eye injuries: Arn; Led; Euphr; Symph.
Food poisoning: Arn; Calend; Hyper; Led.
Fractures: Canth; Rhus-t.
Heat stroke or exhaustion: Canth; Urt-u.
Hyperventilation: Bell; Glon.
Motion sickness: Cocc; Tabac.
Nosebleeds: Acon.
Overindulgence and hangover: Phos.
Panic and Shock: Arn; Hyper; Ruta.
Poison Ivy: Arn; Led.
Splinters and thorns: Acon.
Sprains and strains: Rhus-t.

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