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A Prayer For Owen Meany Vocabulary ch 6

Ms. Smith

1macadem _____followers
2portentous _____theory
3conjecture _____passion, strong emotion
4sinewy _____advanced
5precocity _____condition where hands and feet swell
6banal _____plague
7coxswain _____lustful ideas
8acolytes _____a share or portion
9androgynous _____reading disability
10ardor _____a slender, swift, dog
11haranguing _____one who does not believe in God
12prurient _____hateful, bitter
13puerile _____both male and female characteristics
14sepulchre _____dullness
15pestilence _____one who steers a racing shell and calls out rowing rhythm
16dyslexia _____immature
17allotment _____materials used in making a road
18palimony _____property division of unmarried couple
19gout _____tomb
20atheist _____harassing
21whippet _____ominous
22rancourous _____tough, strong

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