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Chapter 10 Matching Game

Curriculum listens to others to learn
Inclusive Curriculum  prefer photos, charts, and graphs
Integrated Curriculum  finding a balance between relevant American models and cultural sensitivity
Emergent  framework which planned and unplanned activities and lessons are cr.eated
Logical-Mathematical inclusive, integrated, emergent, based on multiple intelligence's, bears in mind differences in learning styles
Visual Learner  thoughtfully planned, engaging, and responsive
Auditory Learner the whole child approach
Tactile Learner a multiple intelligence sensitive to logic and patterns
Field Dependent Learning Style Provides opportunities for children regardless of gender and abilities
Field Independent Learning Style  Linguistic intelligence, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, naturalist
Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum full body learners
Culturally Appropriate Curriculum  able to grasp broad distinctions among concepts
Five basic elements slowly evolves out of the child's experience
Interpersonal  learning for their own sake
Multiple Intelligences multiple intelligence: capacity to discern and respond to moods of other people

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