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PBIS Memory

J. Coletto

This is a game that uses the PBIS information.

Administration allow all voices to be heard, share opinions, options, and help make decisions
Administration Communication the backbone needed to rall the staff by offering commitment, support, training/resources
Administration Participation  create a plan for participation in PBIS-actively participate in training and leadership meetings
Administration Leadership support the PBIS initiative publicly with verbal and written statements
PBIS leadership team will integrate with other teams office staff, bus drivers, food service, lunch room monitors, para's, social workers, etc.
Ideal Size is organized and meets regularly, uses data to make decisions, presents data to staff and community
Length of Commitment  5 to 7 members
Who should be on the team besides admin. and teachers? not duplicate what others are trying to accomplish
Key Expertise Needed guides the school in meeting yearly plans and goals and makes sure PBIS takes precedence
Coach at least 3 years
Rest of the team  assists the team's implementation

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