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Voc. Quiz #24 Renaissance


1Florence _____to discuss different points of view on a subject
2William Shakespeare _____He wrote the Divine Comedy
3Johannes Gutenberg _____to give value or signifance for doing something
4Crusades _____the art of negotiating
5Dante Alighieri _____He invented the printing press which lead to the spread of ideas
6Leonardo Da Vinci _____a historian, diplomat who wrote The Prince
7Credit _____A rebirth of interest in the arts and learning
8debate _____He was a renaissance man---painter, inventor, engineer, scientist.
9Niccolo Machiaveli _____famous spanish novelist--Don Quixote de lan Mancha
10Reconquista _____Spain trying to take back territory from the Muslims
11Chivalry _____a city in England illustrated in the book Canterbury Tales
12secular _____holy wars fought against the Muslims to recover Jerusalem
13theology _____less religious
14Miguel de Cervantes _____The idead during the Renaissace that stresses the importance of the individual
15diplomacy _____to make public
16Renaissance _____The Medieval Knights code of conduct
17Humanism _____Famous English playwright, wrote Romeo and Juliet
18publish _____Famous trading city in Italy.
19Canterbury _____having special skills in a particular area
20expert _____the study of religion

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