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GCSE Geography Case Studies - Coasts

Miss Ingham

GCSE Geography Case Studies

An example of a coastal 'arch' Swanage Bay
An example of a 'stump' Scarborough, North Yorkshire
An example of a hard coastline Roach and Croach
An example of a soft coastline Offshore Breakwater
The hotel in Scarborough lost in a landslide Pevensey Beach, East Sussex
An example of a 'spit' Ventnor, Isle of Wight and Japan
An example of a coastal 'bar' Mappleton
Where are 'tetrapods' used? Holbeck Hall
Where are Groins used? Old Harry, Isle of Purbeck
Where is cliff drainage used? Spurn Head, Holderness
What soft engineering technique is used along the East Anglia Coastline? Wallasea Island
Where are Beach Re-Cycling and Re-Building used?  Exonmobil and Fawley Chemical Plant
Where does hard engineering occur? Durdle Door, Dorset
Where is 'managed retreat' used? Slapton Sands, Devon
In which esturies is Wallasea island situated? 20
An example of an ICMZ zone Scarborough
How many countries is this ICMZ made up of? The Hamble
Name two companies that use Southampton Hornsea, East Yorkshire
Name the river in Southampton The Solent
Name the quiet stretch of water perfect for sports and goods export The Mediterranean

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