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Les fruits

Mr. P. Therrien

Please print the correct number on the line. (la banane - banana is already done for you as an example).

1l'ananas _____pomegranate
2la cerise _____cherry
3la figue _____raspberry
4la framboise _____pear
5la mangue _____banana
6l'orange _____strawberry
7la poire _____mango
8la tomate _____pineapple
9le raisin _____fig
10le bleuet _____orange
11le citron _____grape
12la fraise _____apple
13la grenade _____peach
14la noix de coco _____lemon
15la pĂȘche _____blueberry
16la pomme _____coconut
17la banane _____tomato

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