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GCSE History Crime and Punishment Key Dates

Miss Ingham

GCSE History Crime and Punishment Key Dates

43 AD - c.500 AD  Early Modern Period
c.400 AD Anglo Saxon period
533 AD England becomes a united country under the kingdom of Wessex
c.500 AD - 1066 Ketts Rebellion
10th Century  Gunpowder Plot - Stuarts now on throne
c.1060 Peasants' Revolt led by Watt Tyler
1066 - c.1100 Bloody Code introduced
1069 - 1070 Romans began to struggle to defend their empire from outside attacks
c.1100 - c.1450 Roman Britain period
1160s Norman period
1215 The thief-taker Jonathan Wild hanged
1381 Church abolished trial by ordeal
1450 - 1750 Tithing system introduced
1531 Unemployed people fond begging to be whipped and returned to birthplace
1536 Henry VIII left Catholic Church sparking the Pilgrimage of Grace
1549 The Waltham Black Act added 50 new capital crimes
1603 The Harrying of the North
1700s New system of courts, Royal Courts, introduced by Henry II
1723 Emperor Justinian created the Roman Digest
1725 Late Middle Ages
1739 Highwayman Dick Turpin executed

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