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Random Sample Rejecting the null hypothesis, Ho, when it is true.
Standard error ( ) A sample value used to determine whether to reject the null hypothesis.
Sampling distribution sample mean ( ) Range of values constructed from sample data used to estimate a parameter.
Point Estimate ( ) A procedure based on sample evidence to determine whether the hypothesis is a reasonable statement.
Confidence Intervals ( )  A sample selected so that each item or person in the population has the same chance of being included.
Hypothesis ( ) A statement about the value of a population parameter.
Hypothesis Testing ( ) A statement about a population parameter developed for the purpose of testing.
Null hypothesis ( ) the difference between a sample statistic and its corresponding population parameter.
Alternate Hypothesis ( ) A probability distribution of all possible sample means of a given size.
Type I Error ( ) A statement that is accepted if the sample data provide sufficient evidence that the null hypothesis is false.
Type II Error ( ) The statistic, computed from the sample information, which is used to estimate the population parameter.
Test Statistic ( ) Accepting the null hypothesis, Ho, when it is false.

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