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Voc. Quiz #26 Reformation


1Martin Luther _____the study of religion
2predestination _____this idea emphasized the importance of the individual and his achievements
3Johannes Gutenberg _____A movement to change the catholic church
4convert _____Protestan queen of England
5theology _____religous belief that one's life has been planned by god
6annul _____He was against indulgences and criticized the Pope
7resource _____technique use to make paintings and drawings look more realistic
8clarify _____He invented the printing press which lead to the spread of ideas
9London _____England's capital city
10Perspective _____to cancel
11consent _____Catholic Queen of England
12John Calvin _____King of England who stablished the Anglican church
13Henry VIII _____A rebirth of interest in the arts and learning
14Mary I _____French theologian who stablished Calvinism and idea of predestination
15Elizabeth I _____a reserve of supplies
16Renaissance _____an organized branch of Christianity
17Humanism _____a pardon given for someone's sins
18denomination _____to change to another religion
19indulgences _____make it easy to understand
20Reformation _____to approve or give permission

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