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Leadership & Followership Matching Terms

1Trust _____Unofficial Leadership accorded to a person by other members of the organization.
2Followership _____A style of leadership in which the leader uses strong, directive actions to control the rules, regulations, activities, and relationships in the work environment.
3Abusive Supervision _____The authority associated with the leader’s formal position in the organization.
4Leadership _____A leader who emphasizes efficient production.
5Formal Leadership _____A leader who exerts just enough effort to get by.
6Informal Leadership _____The process of guiding and directing the behavior of people in the work environment.
7Leader _____Negative leadership behaviors.
8Manager _____An advocate for change and new approaches to problems.
9Autocratic Style _____The willingness to be vulnerable in the actions of others.
10Democratic Style _____A style of leadership in which the leader uses interaction and collaboration with followers to direct the work and work environment.
11Laissez-faire Style _____A leader who builds a highly productive team of committed people.
12Consideration _____The process of being guided and directed by a leader in the work environment
13Authority Compliance Manager _____Leader behavior aimed at nurturing friendly, warm working relationships as well as encouraging mutual trust and interpersonal respect within the work unit.
14Team Manager _____The quality of interpersonal relationships among a leader and the group members.
15Task Structure _____An advocate for stability and the status quo.
16Position Power _____Officially sanctioned leadership based on the authority of a formal position.
17Impoverished Manager _____A style of leadership in which the leader has a hands-off approach.
18Leader-member Relations _____The degree of clarity, or ambiguity, in the work activities assigned to the group.

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