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Civil Liberties and Rights


Match key civil liberties and rights words with phrase.

Civil Liberties government actions that seeks to prevent materials from being published
Civil Rights certian protections are essential to due process of the law through the 14th amendment
Bill of Rights strong likelihood that evidence of a crime will be found
due process covers private disputes between people over property or relationships
selective incorporation a spoken statement that is defamatory or false
establishment clause document that gives police legal authority to search private property
free exercise clause speech or actions that inspire revolt against the government
slander a person has the right to hold any religious beliefs they choose
libel government cannot create an official religion or suport one
treason a formal complaint of criminal wrongdoing
sedition making of war against the U.S. or ones own country
prior restraint right to join with others, share ideas and word toward a common purpose
symbolic speech following the established and complete legal procedures
freedom of association a trial with no jury, the judge alone hears the case and decides the case
probable cause basic freedoms the think and act that all people have
search warrent list of constitutional rights possessed by those accused of crimes
exclusionary rule money pledged by the accused as a guarentee that they will return to court.
procedural due process questions whether laws are fair and just
substantive due process no person will be made to stand trial twice for the same offense
Civil Law first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution
Criminal Law a printed statement that is defamatory or false
indictment rights of fair and equal status and treatment
bail communication of ideas through symbols and actions
capital punishment dealing with crimes and the punishment of crimes
Miranda warnings punishment by death
bench trial evidence obtained illegally may not be used against a person in court
double jeopardy requires government to follow certain procedures before punishing a person

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