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Year 2 Senior IPOD Revision 5

NorthLight School

This puzzle is to help you understand and remember the words used in computer technology.

1Operating System _____display information from the computer
2Windows 7 OS _____mouse and webcam
3iLOVEnls12e45# _____computers connected within the same building communicating with another group of computers in another building
4FunSunday.docx _____used on laptops that can detect the motion and position of a user's fingers
5Create, rename, move and delete folders _____is an input device and captures images from paper into a computer
6Local Area Network (LAN) _____it remembers what you do now. When the computer is switched off, all works will be erased.
7Wide Area Network (WAN) _____takes control of all the activities taking place in a computer system
8Input Devices _____a Microsoft Word document
9Scanner _____a strong password
10Touchpad (input device) _____a way to organize files in your computer
11Output Devices _____produces paper copy of the information displayed on a computer screen
12screen monitors _____A secondary device to store your information and data
13printer _____computers within the same building or rooms connected together through cables
14Processor Speed _____an output device that displays text and images from a computer
15Hard Drive _____one of the ways to determine how fast your computer runs. Measured in GHz
16Random Access Memory (RAM) _____an operating system software

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