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Voc. Quiz #27 Counter-Reformation


1Hugenots _____Movement that came out from the Reformation--againts the Catholic
2predestination _____French Protestants who follow Calvin's teachings
3Seminary _____to have a great influence on someone
4heresy _____King of England who stablished the Anglican church
5divine right _____an organized branch of Christianity
6contradict _____A movement to change the catholic church
7impact _____Spanish court that tried people accused of heresy
8philosophy  _____Known as bloody Mary
9eliminate  _____to get rid of
10counter-reformation _____he lead the reformation against the Catholic Church
11consent _____to approve or give permission
12Spanish Inquisition _____the response by the Catholic church to the reformation
13Henry VIII _____religous belief that one's life has been planned by god
14Mary I _____the right to rule is given by god
15Elizabeth I _____contradicts the official church's teachings
16Martin Luther _____school for priests
17Protestantism _____to go against someone's ideas
18denomination _____The most famous and loved Queen of England
19indulgences _____the study of nature and meaning of life
20Reformation _____a pardon given for someone's sins

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