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Chapter 4 pages 50-52 Quiz

_____ caudad pertaining to the pelvis
_____ distal pertaining to the ilium
_____ inferior pertaining to the skull
_____ mediad toward the middle
_____ proximal pertaining to lower/below
_____ abdominal pertaining to the side
_____ cranial the cavity that contains the digestive organs and heart
_____ iliac pertaining to the chest
_____ lumbar pertaining to the abdomen
_____ spinal pertaining to the lower back
_____ umbilical farthest from the mid-point
_____ anterior pertaining to the groin
_____ cephalad pertaining to the spine
_____ dorsal pertaining to the nearest point (closest) to the midline
_____ lateral toward the head
_____ posterior pertaining to the neck
_____ ventral toward the tail
_____ cervical opposite of anterior
_____ hypogastric pertaining to the navel
_____ inguinal pertaining to the front
_____ pelvic the cavity that contains the spinal cord and brain
_____ thoracic pertaining to below the stomach

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