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Dairy and Seafood French-English Word Match

P. Therrien

Please print the correct number on the appropriate line. (le yogourt - yogurt has already been done for you as an example).

1le beurre _____sardine
2la crème chantilly _____clam
3le fromage râpé _____butter
4la crème glacée _____salmon
5le lait  _____fillet
6le yogourt _____grated cheese
7le crabe _____ice cream
8la crevette _____yogurt
9le filet _____fish
10le homard _____crab
11l'huître _____oyster
12la palourde _____tuna
13le poisson _____shrimp
14la sardine _____milk
15le saumon _____whipped cream
16le thon _____lobster

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