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Vocabulary Review [Units 5-7]


Preparation for Reading/Vocabulary Exam 14 May 2015

1program _____the look of something from a certain point
2invite _____to gift or donate
3support _____a device to provide heat for warmth or cooking
4give  _____promote the cause or interest of
5go _____to welcome or ask politely to join
6sightseeing _____scheduled sequence or segment
7stove _____something belonging to a certain person
8view _____encounter and live through
9design _____a person who travels for fun
10own _____a graphic plan
11comfortable _____to move forward
12extra _____has a high amount of air moisture
13however _____a short period of rainfall
14shower _____looking at places while traveling
15tourist _____a time of very cold weather
16experience _____covered with water or moisture
17freeze _____on the other hand
18record _____causing ease and security
19wet _____to put into writing
20humid _____more than usual

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