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Review L/S Vocab Units 5-6


Review for Vocabulary Quiz 20 May 2015

1insect _____very big in size
2pollution _____scared or fearful
3population _____to demolish or completely wreck
4volunteer _____to form a mental image
5destroy _____having great ability or strength
6ancient _____creature with six-legs and segmented body
7dangerous _____total number of species in an area
8enjoyable _____harmful substances in the air, water, or soil
9pretty _____attractive in appearance
10repair _____pleasant or likeable
11feelings _____to comprehend the meaning of
12film _____a person's thoughts or emotions
13imagine _____having the potential to cause harm
14understand _____existing for a long period of time
15afraid _____meeting expert standards
16huge _____person that freely does or offers something
17powerful _____on the other hand
18professional _____the result of fixing or mending
19wrong _____movie
20however _____incorrect

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