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Voc. Quiz #31 Americas-Explorers


1Chritopher Columbus _____Last Aztec emperor
2Cartography  _____science of map making
3Hernan Cortez _____Young Native American girl who translated and helped Hernan Cortez
4compass _____They settled in the Andes mountains and built Machu Pichu
5Francisco Pizarro _____The middle of America--Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize
6Vasco De Gama _____Ancient Aztec or Maya books written on deerskin
7fund  _____French explorer, he sailed along the St Lawrence River
8Magellan _____device used to locate magnetic north---used to navigate the ocean-
9Tenochtitlan _____He found a new route to Asia going around south America, he named thePacific Ocean
10Machu Picchu _____Spanish explorer who conquered the Inca
11John Cabot _____money for a special proyect
12Quipus _____small spanish ship
13Montezuma II _____The Inca retreat--stone city built high in the Andes mountains
14Inca _____He sail around Africa and found India
15locate _____He sailed to parts of North America(Canada), and claimed it for England
16Jacques Cartier _____device used by the Inca to record events
17MesoAmerica _____to find
18Malintzin _____Italian explorer who wanted to find a shorter route to Asia
19Astrolabe _____The capital city of the Aztec empire in Mexico City.
20Caravel _____Ancient Greek device used to find the earth latitud
21codices _____He conquered the Aztecs in the valley of Mexico

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