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GBP Exam revision

Beer 2009 technicity = capacity to make chances in world, transduction = we make space through actions. Code/space and coded space.
Allen 2008 strategies and tactics
Lyon 2009 gender bending women playing videogames, gaming = embodied, action game pandering to male gaze
Gordon and Koo 2008 walking is an embodied experience, experience of landscape, senses involved
Graham 2013  web 2.0, anyone can participate, lash post hegemonic
Searle and Kafai 2012 differences between lived and represented times
Todd 2012 lifelogging, replace memory, ethical/privacy concerns
Dodge and Kitchin 2005 deleuze describes affect as a 'series of capacities'
Kaika and Swyngedouw 2000 being unaware of body = way to cope with sensory overload of the city
Madge and OConnor 2005 urban dowry
Schwartz 2006 cyberspace outdated term, now embedded into daily lives
Shaw and Warf 2009 urban explorer based on a masculine model - brings into issues of urban fear
Licoppe et al 2008 power parasitic to freedom, drawing upon rose
Debord 1958 creator of the SI, the derive
Middleton 2009 social sorting, increased surveillance, 4 types, civil rights?
Crang 2001 alternative urban mobility as material resistance instead of ideological. Grace and habit are the same thing
Paterson 2005  games and experiences shared between individuals, fantasy landscapes
Middleton 2010 Secondlife in planning, far from reality yet some norms
Hubbard 2006  panopticon, gaze
Simmel 1971 urban fear
Ingold 2004 don't have to think about our body as we walk through space
Mott and Roberts 2014 benedicte's life mapped as a small triangle
Bondi and Rose 2003 embodied/affectual connection involved in gaming
Seamon and Nordin 1980 power and resistance described as reactionary, when actually should be seen in a performative framework as texts
Sharpe 2013 Babyworld, blurring of boundaries between real and virtual. mothering is socially constructed
Revel 2008 walking is a social practice linked to social identity - can work on yourself whilst walking
Rose 2002 Wyville study, can play with masculinities, increased mobility and freedom
de certeau 1984 Varberg in sweden marketplace, place ballet, body subject (Merleau-Ponty), body ballet, time space routine
foucault 1977 seperation of top and bottom half of body, mastery and moulding of the body

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