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Research Methods - Review Activity


Test 2 - Lectures 2A, 2B, and 2C 26 May 2015

1questionnaires _____demographic information
2factual questions _____the researcher asks a set list of questions
3behavioral questions _____1=best; 5=worst
4attitudinal questions _____designed to uncover opinions, beliefs, interests
5choice of categories _____building a harmonious relationship; connection
6likert scale _____strict privacy or secrecy
7differential scale  _____facilitates a focus group discussion
8ranking _____single, married, divorced
9specific questions _____being anonymous
10clarification quesitons _____a number of people are asked to come together to discuss a certain topic or issue
11sentence completion question _____strongly agree to strongly disagree
12short answer question _____aks follow-up imformation
13unstructured interviews _____ten percent of the population is generally ideal
14semi-structured interviews _____The researcher should do no harm, ensure right to privacy, should not make promises that can not be fulfilled
15structured interviews _____asks questions to explore or inquire about an issue
16protocol _____written instruments that present respondents with a series of questions or statements
17focus group _____designed to find out what respondents have done in the past
18moderator _____Example - I found this activity __________
19anonymity _____ a scale that requires a respondent to provide a rating
20confidentiality _____an interview schedule
21rapport _____asks about concrete pieces of information
22sampling _____participants are free to talk about what is important to he or she
23sample size _____the researcher wants to know specific information which can be compared or contrasted
24ethical principles _____Examples - convenient, snowball, or random

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