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Days of Our Lives Busted Secret Quotes

Memorable quotes from those who got hurt by a dark secret on the NBC daytime show "Days of Our Lives"

For more information about this show www.nbc.com/days

You turned our marriage into a joke Daniel
You honestly want me to believe that you had sex with this woman, even though you detest her, just because you were sad? Sami
You threw everything away when you slept with another woman! Carrie
You blackmailed my doctor into lying to me about something so devastating, so life-changing Paige
These children, they are not exchangeable toys! They are NOT! Nicole
Couldn't you at least find someone who isn't a family member or a close friend? Jennifer
You hate me so much you'd have sex with my son to get back at me. Paige
You knew she was having a secret paternity test and you wanna know how I know this? 'Cuz Ian told me! Abe
I am done being stupid about you. You are a vile, disgusting slut! Nicole
You were naked, in the shower, having sex, with my husband, where anyone could have walked in on you. Sami
Empty words oozing out of your filthy mouth! Rafe
Oh good! To hell with the cabin anyway. I am sick of talking about it. Let's talk about something else. Oooh! I know! Let's talk about the shower. Nathan
He told me, that someone was having an affair with Paul Narita. You. Melanie
So even if I could forgive you for what you did to me, how could I ever forgive you for what you did to my father? Sonny

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