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QS RW Unit 8 Vocabulary


Practice activity for Quiz 4 1 June 2015

1behavior _____having lost confidence or been talked out of
2diet _____dependent on something
3expert _____to reduce the amount of something
4goal _____the food or drink typically ingested
5lifestyle _____to stop doing something regularly
6stress _____to stop doing something you do normally
7break _____something causing mental or physical tension
8create _____something aspired to or aimed for
9unfortunately _____to increase the amount or level of something
10give up _____in an unlucky manner
11addicted _____to say what you will or must try to achieve
12discouraged _____the manner in which someone lives
13exhausted _____manner or actions of a living being
14cut down on _____bring something into existence
15gain weight _____one with experience and skill in something
16pay attention _____to be depleted of resources; to be tired out
17set a goal _____to watch, to listen, or to think about someone
18become _____to turn or grow or change into

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