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1TIGER _____the animal king
2ZEBRA _____small animal, like a mouse but you don't like it
3POLAR BEAR _____a bird with big wings, Polish symbol
4SOTH _____red dog
5GORILLA _____horse with black and white stripes
6LION _____you ride on it
7RAT _____big, white bear with thick fur
8SNAIL _____big cat with stripes
9SNAKE _____long animal with no legs
10PIG _____black and white, makes "moooooo"
11EAGLE _____yellow birds, doesn't fly
12SQUIRREL _____like a fish but it's a mammal!
13FOX _____pink animal with short and curly tail
14COW _____animal with colorful wings
15GOAT _____very slow animal
16BUTTERFLY _____kind of a monkey but bigger and black
17DUCK _____small red forest animal
18DOLPHIN _____animal with his house on his back
19HORSE _____gives milk but it's not a cow

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