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S Willemse

Match the condition with the definition

1. Head injury E. Bleeding into the parenchyme of the brain
2. Brain injury A. Injury to the skull or brain that is severe enough to interfere with normal functioning
3. Blunt brain injury G. The head accelerates and then rapidly decelerates or collides with another object andbrain tissue is damaged, there is no opening through the skull and dura
4. Open brain injury H. Moderate to severe head injury, the brain is bruised and damaged in a specific area as a result of the accelaration-deceleration force or blunt trauma.
5. Concussion C. A tempory loss of neurologic function with no apparent structural damage, which may or may not produce a brief loss of consciousness
6. Contusion B. An object penetrates the skull, enters the brain anddamages the soft brain tissue in it's path, penetrating injury; or severe blunt trauma opens the scalp, skull and dura to expose the brain
7. Hematomas J. Collection of blood between the dura and the brain, space usually filled thin cushion of fluid
8. Epidural Hematoma F. Injury to the scalp, skull or brain
9. Subdural Hematoma D. Blood collect in the space between the skull and the dura mater
10. Intracerebral hemorrhage I. Related to intracranial hemorrhage; collections of blood that may be epidural, subdural, intracerebral

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