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Voc. Quiz #34-Scientific Revolution


1Scientific Method _____I think, therefore I am--Math source of all knowledge.
2Columbian Exchange _____He believed new knowledge was obtained through experiments
3Hernan Cortez _____the trading of products betweeen America and Europe after Columbus
4rationalism _____The capital city of the Aztec empire in Mexico City.
5Theory _____Last Aztec emperor
6Descartes _____Knowledge is obtain through reason and logic and not from the senses
7Newton _____Explanation of why or how something happens
8Galileo _____to buy and sell products in large quantities
9Tenochtitlan _____He discovered universal gravitational law--
10Kepler _____He believed the planets revolved around the earth in oval paths.
11Capitalism _____dealing with something or someone
12Copernicus _____a system of organizing facts --observation, hypothesis, prediction, tests, and modify.
13Montezuma II _____He conquered the Aztecs in the valley of Mexico
14hypothesis _____Economic system where a person and not the government owns property and products
15Mercantilism _____to examine facts to find truth
16investigate _____explanation of the facts
17colony _____region made up of many island east of Central America
18approach _____He believed the earth was the center of the universe.
19commerce _____He believed the sun was the center of the universe.
20Caribbean _____a settlement in a new territory that keeps connected to its homeland
21Ptolemy _____When a country becomes wealthly by accumulating gold and silver

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