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science semester 1

mr d

mixture Has life on it
water The smallest particle of an element.
solution phase change from a gas to a liquid
solvent fourth phase of matter found only at extremely high temperatures
mass amount of matter in an object
evaporation force causing the downward motion of falling object
freezing the sun gets its energy through this process
degreeCelsius two or more materials stirred together
solid Hottest Planet
precipitation our natural satelite
gravity model of the solar system that we accept today (sun centered)
solute May be life in future
milliliter tool used for observing the sky
condensation examples are rain, snow, sleet
method distance light travels in one year
volume phase of matter with a definite shape and volume
meter a vehicle that is intended to carry humans into space
Matter phase change from a liquid to a gas
sublimation solid state of water
Physical Change Biggest Planet
Atom change that does not produce a new substance
plasma phase change from a solid to a gas
Ice stars are composed of ____ and helium gases
bigbangtheory anything that has mass and takes up space
telescope theory that the universe began with all matter and energy concentrated in a very small object
hydrogen metric unit of temperature
supernova 1000 of these equals one liter
universe phase change from a liquid to a solid
galaxy amount of space something takes up
satellite universal solvent
moon solid that dissolves in a solvent
spacecraft the steps you take in an experiment
astronomy a liquid that disolves a solute
nuclearfusion basic metric unit of length
Jupiter a rare event involving the explosion of a star
Saturn the study of the universe
lightyear the apnosthere is light light blue
heliocentric Has landscape rings
Venus Closest to sun but not hottest planet
Mars consists of all matter, energy and space
Mercuy ours is called the milky way
Earth an object launched into orbit; could be used with GPS
Uranas Two or more substances that are mixed together but not chemically combined.

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