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Roaring 20's Slang

Gayle B.

Roaring 20's slang words and defininations.

1Behind the eight ball _____Men with machine guns
2Chicago overcoat _____Jail
3Chopper squad _____Some sort of criminal
4Copper _____Interest on a loanshark's loan
5Dip the bill _____Identify
6Drop a dime _____Detective
7Finger(put the finger on) _____In a difficult position(tight spot)
8Getaway sticks _____Put your hands up
9Grab (a little) air _____An extrodinary person, thing or idea
10Have the Bees _____Legs
11Bees Knees _____Forger
12Hoosegow _____To be rich
13Juice _____Girlfriend
14Kisser _____Mouth
15Moll _____Have a drink
16Peeper _____Coffin
17Plant _____Someone on the scene but in hiding, bury
18Redhot _____A push-over
19Rube _____$25 or 25 cents
20Scratcher _____Easy mark, bumpkin
21Squirt metal _____Policeman
22Tiger milk _____Shoot bullets
23Weak sister _____Some sort of liquor
24Trouble Boys _____Gangster
25Two bits _____Make a phone call or to inform police of someone

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