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sat voacb


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1dilatory _____secretive
2indolent _____habitually late
3inspid _____unintereting
4listless _____conspicuously bad
5torpor _____unequality in age or rank
6alienated _____to decorate
7alliance _____elaborate speech
8disparity _____lazy
9servile _____intense enthusiasm
10suppressed _____removed from friends and family
11embellish _____unnecessary
12florid _____wildly excited
13opulent _____clever
14ornate _____made in order to deceive
15ostentatious _____lacking energy
16poingnant _____dullness
17ebullience _____kind and gentle
18effusive _____touching
19egregious _____hide by blending in
20flagrant _____generous
21frenetic _____doubtful
22gratuitous _____submissive
23superfluous _____elaborately decorated
24alleviate _____the act of making something useful again
25asylum _____subdued
26auspicious _____softening and soothing
27benevolent _____a union of two or more groups
28benign _____showing of great wealth
29emoolient _____the practice of pretending that something that is not
30mollify _____to ease a pain
31reclamation _____not genuine;false
32sanction _____lase charges and malicious statements about someone
33dubious _____gushy
34fabricated _____to give official approval
35hypocrisy _____extremely shocked
36slander _____unearned
37spurious _____favorable
38camouflage _____a place of shelter
39astute _____to calm or soothe
40clandestine _____pretentuous display

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