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Doc Allan

Matching type Camelot

a timid young boy who becomes king of England after being tutored by a wizard. he believes in justice and in doing what is right, but his faith in good sometimes makes him blind to the intrigue around him. Guinevere
a knight with deeply conflicted figure and is considered to be the greatest knight in the king’s court. He struggles constantly with feelings of guilt and inadequacy. He is doggedly faithful to those who love him, even if they do not always have his best interests at heart. Mordred
The son of Arthur and his half-sister. Cold, calculating, and vicious, he is raised to hate his father. He thrives on slander and insinuation, which he prefers to open confrontation. Sir Kay
She is cruel and petty, but her little whims have a huge impact on the king and England. Her seduction of the king is the first step in the latter’s destruction. King Arthur
A girl Lancelot is tricked into sleeping with, and the mother of his son. Although still very young, she is crafty and determined enough to do all she can to win Lancelot’s love. Except for the two times she persuades Lancelot to stay with her, yet she ended up in despair Lancelot
He is the morally perfect and invincible and the only knight holy enough to find the Holy Grail The lady of the lake
A knight prone to murderous rages, is in many ways an emblem of everything that is wrong with knighthood. Despite his roughness, however, he is a decent man.good friends with Launcelot, who later kills him in a battle. He goes on the Grail Quest but fails.  Tristam
Arthur’s foster brother and a knight of the Round Table. Spoiled as a child, he remains nasty and selfish, but is decent at heart. Uther Pendragon
Arthur’s foster father  Nimue
Mordred’s closest ally Galahad
Merlyn’s lover, who eventually traps him in a cave for centuries. Despite her faults, She is basically a nice woman, and she promises to take care of Arthur on Merlyn’s behalf. Gawaine
Arthur's biological father Morgause
He goes on the Grail Quest and assists Galahad. He later experiences religious conversion with the help of his aunt and holy man renounces the Devil, and becomes a hermit. Balyn
The woman who gives Arthur his new sword, after he loses it in a fight with Pellanor. It belonged to her lover, who was killed his own brother. She then takes the sword to Lady Lyle of Avilon, who misused it. Elaine
A woman who wears a sword and scabbard at all times; she searches for the best and hardiest man in the kingdom to pull it out. Percival
He pulls out the Lady of Avilon's sword, and then beheads the Lady of the Lake, who killed his mother. In the end he killed his brother Agravaine
she dearly loves and is loved by both Arthur and Launcelot. Lady of Avilon
Son of King Melyodas de Lyones and the sister of King Mark of Cornwall; his name means "sorrowful-born." He kills Marhault to free his uncle from a debt owed to King Angwyssh of Ireland. He then falls in love with Isode (Isolde), Angwyssh's daughter, for whom he fights Palomydes. Isode who later marries Tristam's uncle Mark, although he and Isode remain lovers. Also known as The Knight with the Black Shield when sent into exile by Mark, he fights and beats many of Arthur's knights.  Sir Ector

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