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Basic Legal Concepts

Match the term to the corresponding meaning

1Summary Offence _____Achieving similar outcomes or not depriving individuals of equal opportunities
2Indictable Offence _____A minor offence heard in the local courts before a magistrate
3Inquisitorial system _____The are of law that deals with offences committed between individuals. eg contract law
4Terra nullius _____The area of law that deals with offences by the individual against the state eg. criminal law
5Criminal matter _____Application of laws on an equal basis
6Civil matter _____A system of law applied equally to all and tested (& developed) in the common law courts
7Common law _____An offence between individuals eg. breach of contract
8Adversarial _____The standard of proof required in a criminal case in order for a prosecution (the state) to obtain a conviction against the accused
9Beyond reasonable doubt _____Rules and regulations made by law-making bodies with delegated authority
10Balance of probabilities _____Accused in innocent until proven guilty
11Burden of proof _____the responsibility of a party to prove a case in court
12Standard of proof _____A serious offence heard before a judge and generally a jury
13Statute law _____The system of law used in civil law courst where the judge plays an active role in the proceedings, often questioning witnesses
14Statutory law _____Law made by parliament
15Public law _____Where judges have to apply the law similarly in similar cases
16Private law _____the level of proof required in order for the party that has the burden of proof to succeed
17Presumption of innocence _____Criminal act
18Actus reus _____The standard of proof required in a civil case in order for a plaintiff to succeed in providing the case against the defendant
19Fairness _____The state in which land is devoid of ownership and belongs to no-one
20Equality _____Where two sides of the dispute are opponents.
21Doctrine of precedent _____An offence against the state eg. robbery or assult

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