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Classification of law


Match the words with the correct phrase

1Applicant _____Serious Criminal offences that require a formal/written charge, preliminary hearing and are tried before a judge and jury with a greater penalty
2District Court _____Hear details when there is unnatural death, unexplained fire or explosions to determine if a serious crime has been committed
3Hearsay evidence _____The personal formally conducting legal proceedings against someone accused of a criminal offence
4Witness _____The process that allows the accused to be out of jail before the trial usually with a bond payable to guarantee
5Acquit _____A group of people who listen to all of the evidence in a court case and decide on the verdict.
6Summons _____The person who is accused of a crime or a civil wrong (also called the accused)
7Bail _____Hears the majority of indictable offences, civil claims up to $750 000 and has appellate jurisdiction to hear appeals on all grounds from the local cout
8State police _____The person bringing an action before the courts
9Australian Federal Police _____A term used to refer to the government and the people that it governs
10Defendant _____A document issued by a court directing a person to appear before it
11Prosecutor _____Governs things and interests that can be owned and that have a commercial value eg. intellectual rights or real estate
12The state _____People who appear to present evidence (verbal, physical, character etc) to the court
13Damages _____To find the defendant not guilty of an offence
14Plaintiff _____Monetary compensation for harm or loss suffered
15Property law _____The person who initiates a civil action
16Coronial inquests _____Enforce the law through detecting and apprehending offenders under state law
17indictable offences _____Evidence the witness has not directly seen or hear
18Jury _____Deal with concerns that arise under federal law including breaches, crimes investigation, smuggling and e-crime

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