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Lvl2 List 1 Practice Activity 4


Quiz 1 September 3rd

1available _____a grassy expanse of land
2believe _____able to be used or bought
3countryside _____having or bring good fortune
4during  _____happening at the same time
5fact _____precisely and nothing more
6finally _____natural
7however _____concern about something
8journey _____without any doubt
9luck _____on the other hand
10modern _____just the right amount of something
11nearly _____combination of things that have been blended
12piece _____something that is true
13receive _____locations away from the city
14spend _____accept, get or take
15wild _____a fraction or part of a whole
16mix _____to pay out
17area _____close, but not quite
18clearly _____at the end
19enough _____having to do with the present time
20field _____faith or trust
21interested _____location
22just _____voyage from one place to another

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