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Level 3 List 2 Quiz 2 [Week 3]


1writer _____a graphic plan
2transport _____to provide the means for doing something
3translate _____to look for information or to investigate
4therefore _____an interval of time
5skill _____for that reason
6respect _____with no possibility of doubt
7research _____to go on or keep on doing something
8relax _____express in another language or form
9behave _____move from one place to another
10prevent _____in favor of
11power _____to be calm, to lessen restrictions
12positive _____impair
13period _____person who writes, usually for pay
14bury _____the ability to do something well
15charge _____an source of usable power
16continue _____to show aversion to
17control  _____to keep back or stop from happening
18design _____rush at aggressively
19dislike _____to place underground
20injure _____to keep within limits
21energy _____to refrain from
22avoid _____to conduct oneself in an appropriate manner
23advantage _____high esteem felt or shown toward someone

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