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Grade 4 Unit 1 The Land of California


Grade 4 History Social Science Unit 1 The Land of California Vocabulary

compass rose  a city area
line of longitude  the average number of people living in a specific unit or area
equator the land along an ocean
hemisphere  the moving of goods, people, or animals from one place to another
Tropic of Cancer a natural feature of Earth’s surface
region  a large area in which places share similar features
capital   the weather patterns in one place over a long period of time
desert  a narrow gap in a mountain range
settle  to move to and set up a new place to live
natural resource an area just outside a city
suburban area   an imaginary line that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole
agriculture  the northernmost point where the sun shines directly overhead
transportation  a useful material that come from the earth
line of latitude an area of small towns or farms
absolute location  Earth’s main line of longitude
prime meridian  the style and design of a building
climate a symbol that shows the main directions on a map
Tropic of Capricorn   the growing of crops and raising of animals
landform   one half of Earth
coast  a city where a country’s or state’s central government is located
border  the southernmost point where the sun shines directly overhead
mountain pass  an official line that separates one place from another
urban area  the exact or nearly exact location of a place on Earth using degrees north or south and east or west
rural area   the line of latitude that circles the middle of Earth
architecture  an area that receives less than ten inches of rain in one year
population density   an imaginary line that runs east-west around Earth

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