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Lvl 2 Quiz 2 [Week 3] Review


1advertisement _____just right
2aged _____electric current used as a source of power
3battery _____despite
4biology _____the science of matter and energy
5brain _____to have control of
6bright _____having a benefit or advantage
7chemistry _____vivid and intense
8contact _____to make a choice
9decide _____scientific study of matter and the elements
10degree _____programs that operate on a computer system
11electricity _____the study and science of and living things
12even _____in a calm manner
13geography _____media to inform people or induce them to buy
14history _____unfavorable
15improve _____primary organ of the central nervous system
16instead _____storage container for electricity
17matter _____certificate
18memory _____is required to
19must _____an outfit with a jacket and pants
20negative _____rather than
21own _____kept for a time to reach maturity
22perfect _____records of past events
23physics _____recollection of past knowledge
24software _____a group employed by a company
25staff _____importance
26still _____enhance in value
27suit _____to communicate with someone or something
28useful _____study of natural features of the Earth's surface

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