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History Chapter 2


allocate a journey that left the Israelites out of Egypt. Now celebrated as Passover.
steppes method, way for performing a task
polytheism writers
Judaism most important law od Judaism
Hammirabi's Code ancestral "fathers"
Moses belief in one God
Exodus Old Testament in Christian Bible
City-State solemn promise
Duelism fertile mud
Avesta people who developed the first civilization. Land called Sumer.
Nebachadnezzer II best known work of Suerian lit, story of a legendary king
Hammurabi series of rulers from one family
Patriarchs belief that the world is controlled by two opposing forces, good and evil.
Hebrew Bible worship of many gods
Scribes consist of 282 laws dealing with everything from trade and theft to unjury and murder
Silt Hebrew religion
Sumerians to distribute for a particular purpose
Technique Amorite king of Babylon
Ten Commandments had little resources and difficult farming, turned to trade and became expert sailers
Monotheism Political Unit with its own government
Phoenicians arid grasslands
Cuniform most famous Chaladean king. Warriir and builder who fought the Egyptians and the Jews and taking the Jewish residents as slaves.
Covenant Sumerian writing
Epic of Gilgamesh sacred text of Zoroastiarnism.
Dynasty a leader born an Israelite, but raised in the pharaohs palace. Led the Israelites out of Egypt.

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