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White Fang Vocab Ch 1-2

Word Match

Match the words with its definition.

_______piercing G. suffer or die from lack of food
_______scarce N. make an aggressive growl with bared teeth
_______savage O. very great in size, amount
_______gnaw A. very loud & high pitched
_______decoy L. to work very hard for a long time
_______stray H. feeling or showing a lot of fear and worry
_______starve E. a person or thing used to lure an animal or person into a trap
_______frantic M. to use all of someone's physical or mental resources
_______ammunition I. a supply of bullets and shells
_______firebrands B. small in amount or numbers, rare
_______unbearable J. a piece of burning wood
_______toiled K. not able to be endured or tolerated
_______exhausted F. move without a specific purpose or by mistake, wander
_______snarl D. bit at or chew something repeatedly
_______enormous C. fierce, wild and uncontrolled

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