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Bone Markings


Bone marking quiz to help study for the test.

Tuberosity Smooth, nearly flat articular surface
Crest Any bony prominence
Trochanter Narrow, slitlike opening
Line Bony expansion carried on a narrow neck
Tubercle Rounded articular projection
Epicondyle large rounded projection; May be roughened
Spine Cavity within a bone filled with air and lined with mucous membrane
Process Raised area on or above a condyle
Head Canal-like passageway
Facet small rounded projection or process
Condyle Indentation at the edge of a structure
Ramus Sharp, slender, often pointed projection
Groove Shallow, basinllike depression in a bone, often serving as an articular surface
Fissure Furrow
Foramen Very large, blunt, irregularly shaped process
Notch Round or oval opening through a bone
Meatus Armlike bar of bone
Sinus Narrow ridge of bone; less prominent that crest
Fossa Narrow ridge of bone; usually prominent

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