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Traci Roschen

Genetics Matching

1tRNA _____site of protein assembly
2mRNA _____Indicates the offspring of the P generation
3ribosomes _____More than one genotype cauwesd the same phenotype
4Genetics _____One chromosome "lags" behind and is left out of the cell
5Genes _____Genetics (dominant, recessive, homozygoues, heterozygous)
6Homologous _____Both parents heterozygous (carriers) Ex: Cystic Fibrosis
7diploid  _____error in the DNA code (gene)
8haploid _____Determined by more than one gene EX: Height, skin color,eye color
9allele _____BOTH alleles are expressed EX: AB blood
10mutation _____Determined by more than one gene and environment EX: Height-detemined by more than one gene and nutrition plays a role
11Tay Sachs, PKU  _____inheriting IDENTICAL allels
12Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell Anemia _____make zygote growth impossible, cause a miscarriage, abnormality at birth but prevents long life, not affect length of life
13Epilepsy _____errors in crossover,meiosis or mitosis; results in wrong number or defective chromosomes
14DNA _____Parents genotypes -Affected parent= +,HD -Unaffected parent= +,+ Ex: Huntington Disease
15Independant assortment and crossing over _____only tend to affect certain sex (EX: Woman don't grow beards but her son does)
16Mitosis _____one of the four amino acid chains in hemoglobin is incorrect causing "sickling" of Erythrocytes(RBC)
17Meiosis _____Homozygous Dominant
18BB _____XXX,XXXX (super-females)
19bb _____inherited from two healthy heterozygous parents(carriers) TEND TO "SKIP" GENERATIONS
20Bb _____Trasports amino acids to active site
21Homozygous _____how much phenotype is expressed
22Heterozygous _____single chromosomes in our sex cells (egg or sperm) cell contanis only 23 chromosomes
23Phenotype _____Abnormal # of chromosomes
24Genotype _____Heterozygous
25P _____genetic information of living organisms that make up the genes of chromosomes
26F1 _____Brown:Blue
27F2 _____Indicates parents generation
28Hair color, eye color, blood type, enzymes _____phenotype presentation
29Punnet Square _____Homezygous Recessive
30Genootype RATIO _____when an enzyme is "lacking" from a metabolic pathway, childhood storage disease results
31Phenotype RATIO _____result of a protein having an "altered" function
32Autosomal Conditions _____1 cell (46 chromosomes) end up with 4 DIFFERENT cells
33Recessive Conditions _____inherited by at least one affected parent DOES NOT "SKIP" GENERATIONS
34Dominant Conditions _____contain genes that control same trait
35Autosomal Recessive Inheritance _____Equally likely to affect both sexes
36Autosomal Dominant Inheritance _____Contains blueprint for protein synthesis
37Incomplete Dominant Inheritance _____method used to visually predict the outcome when 2 genotypes are crossed
38Inomplete Dominance _____How a gene affects phenotype
39Codominant _____Indicates the offspring of the F1 generation
40Gene Expression _____paired homologous chromosomes failed to separate during meiosis EX: Down Syndrome (trisomy 21), Patau's Syndrome (trisomy 13), Edwards Syndrome (trisomy 18), Klinefelter's Syndrome (XXY)
41Penetrance _____one or more different forms of gene for same trait at a specific site on homologous chromosomes
42Expressivity _____exhibits phenotype where both alleles are partially expressed(Blended)
43Pleiotrophy _____protein produced in "excess" (excess GABA leads to excess norepinephrine
44Genetic Heterogeneity _____cells that contain pairs -Cell contains 46 chromosomes or 23 "pairs"
45Polygenic traits _____The study of inheritance and variability
46Multifactorial traits _____BB:Bb:bb
47Sex-Linked Inheritance _____appearance ( Brown eyes, Blue yes)
48Sex limited traits _____XYY (super males)
49Sex Influenced Traits _____When a single genotype affects many phenotypes
50Genetic Abnormalities _____Missing a chromosome EX: Turner's Syndrome Female with one X)
51Chromosomal Abnormalities _____Complete Extra set of chromosomes Triploid+ 3 sets of chromosomes (69 total) Results in death ase embryo or fetus
52Aneuploidy _____Events that can occur during meiosis that result in Genetic Variation
53Nondisjuction (Cause of aneuploidy) _____Traits transmitted on the X chromosome
54Anaphase Lag _____Carried on chromosomes which are composed of DNA
55Monosomy _____One or more extra chromosomes Ex: frequently seen in Breast Cancer
56Polysomy _____1 cell (46 chromosomes) end up with 2 IDENTICAL cells
57Multiple X _____inheriting two DIFFERENT allels
58Multple Y _____Gene code for a heritable trait
59Polyploidy _____Traits that are dominant in one sex but recessive in the other

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