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Sociology 120

Tyler Higgs

Sociology The belief that ones country,area,culture is naturally superior to others
Social Norm Is the systematic study of human society and social interactions
Perspective To be Patient, thoughtful and understanding of others
Socio economic status Point of view held by a person that may influence his or her thoughts on a particular issue
Life experience The study of human origins human physical and cultural characteristiques Anthropologu
Anthropology A person who murders 3 or more victims with a cooling off period (of about a month) in between
Tolerance Another factor of perspective that concerns gender, age ethnicity etc.
Right Wing 4 or more people are killed in a short period of time usually targeting a group such as a family or political officials
Left Wing Measure of position in community by occupation, income, education and place of residence.
Psychology is the patterned interactions of people in social relationships
Ethnocentrism is the expectations within our society that we don't recongnize
Social Sciences Patterned relationships sociologist attempt to explain events without relying on personal factors. Rather they examine social strcuture and its patterned relationships.
Serial Killers A science or field of study like,history,economics, etc. Dealing with an aspect of society or forms of social activity
Mass Murder The science an study of human and animal behavior
Social Structure Conservative thinking, not wanting change believe in traditions do not want to spend money
Group factor Liberal thinking, want change want to spend money to make money want social programs. and a socially unified country

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