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Scarlet Letter Vocab part 2: Chapters 13-24

Magistra Burns

1PAUPER _____ lean and strong.
2GIBE _____ the quality of being ancient.
3WIRY _____ condition of health and vigor.
4BEHEST _____ address, greeting.
5SERE _____ being lively in temper or conduct: sprightly.
6VERDURE _____ a conversation especially formal one.
7SCINTILLATING _____ having, showing, or arising from intense often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred.
8VIVACITY _____ one that serves merely for wages.
9SPECTRE _____ Supreme Being: God.
10MALEVOLENT _____ a person (as a priest) through whom a deity is believed to speak.
11ESTRANGED _____ an earnest request.
12COLLOQUY _____ at times: occasionally.
13ACCOSTING _____ to alienate the affections of.
14PRATTLE _____ a medieval trumpet with clear shrill tones.
15VICISSITUDE _____ withered.
16ANTIQUITY _____ to tease with taunting words
17BETIMES _____ a conclusion deduced by surmise or guesswork.
18PLEBIAN _____ unexpectedly changing circumstances.
19CLARION _____ to be brilliant or keen, as in talent.
20MERCENARY _____ to utter meaningless sounds suggestive of the chatter of children: babble.
21ORACLES _____ a person who is believed to communicate with the dead
22DEITY _____ a very poor person
23CONJECTURE _____ something that haunts or perturbs the mind; specter.
24NECROMANCER _____ one of the common people.

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