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Lvl 2 Quiz 5 [List 5]


Review activity for Quiz 5 on Thursday, October 1st

1badly _____for each one
2bit _____true, not fake or imaginary
3borrow _____to get as a reward or payment
4colleague _____rare valued metal used in jewelry and coins
5cupboard _____someone or something belonging to a group
6upsetting _____in a serious or desperate way
7upset _____an amount that is subtracted from the price
8tidy _____closed so that an opening is blocked
9steal _____a series of payments made on a lease
10size _____use with the intent to return
11stamp _____associate or fellow worker
12shut _____to pay for the use of
13sheet _____clean and orderly
14rented _____chomped with the teeth
15rent _____measure of how big or small something is
16receipt _____to make twice as great
17real _____a single very flat piece of something
18customer _____a sticker that indicates paid postage
19department _____to take something belonging to someone else
20discount _____a cabinet used for storing items
21double _____government department that deals with mailing
22earn _____most recent
23envelope _____tending to disturb
24Euro _____bothered
25gold _____document acknowledging a completed purchase
26latest _____document showing legal permission
27license _____pennies or cents of British currency
28member _____weight measurement equal to sixteen ounces
29model _____common currency of many of the European nations
30pence _____a person who buys sonething
31per _____a person employed to display merchandise
32post office _____a specialized division
33pound _____folded, sealable paper used to contain items

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