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Lvl 3 Quiz 5 [List 5]


Review for Quiz 5 on Thursday, October 1st

1admire _____a play for the theater, TV, or radio
2appear _____to show unwillingness to do something
3article _____an impression or sense
4audience _____to smallest amount
5beauty _____the sharp end of something
6attract _____give as a response
7collection _____truthful
8comment _____a group of objects gathered together
9complain _____level of sound
10conclusion _____prettiness or loveliness
11create _____to develop fruit
12cultural _____to feel respect for
13drama _____finish of something
14entertain _____to hire or provide
15employ _____a certain type of business activity
16feeling  _____to host
17honest _____relating to a specific culture or region
18improvement _____to make something new
19industry _____to make a remark about something
20law _____a group of people attending a performance
21least _____to pull toward
22minimum _____to be concerned with
23point _____distinguishing attribute
24produce _____a written composition, usually in journalism
25quality _____to express discomfort
26recent _____to arrive or become visible
27refuse _____the least amount possible
28reply _____thing that makes something better
29volume _____a rule or set of rules
30care _____from not long ago

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