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Chapter Five Review

Human Development

5.5 The Adult

1Slows down in middle age often resulting in weight gain _____testosterone
2health burdens from this growing problem include heart diseas, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and stroke _____the Nun Study
3this accounts for loss of muscle mass in later life _____metabolism
4this was used as a measure of health by Sampson et al _____Hormone Replacement Therapy
5ability to respond to demands for extraordinary output _____slowing of nervous system
6based on stereotypes, prejudice against older people _____menopause
7definition used by some referring to having physical and mental abilities to avoid nursing home care _____Premenstrual Syndrome
8levels of this hormone are higher primarily in June and July _____obesity
9only 5% of women experience significant symptoms of this _____andropause
10ending of women's menstrual periods in midlife _____sedentary lifestyle
112/3 of menopausal women experience this, lasting a few seconds or minutes at a time _____reserve capacity
12menopause is no big deal for women despite these myths held by premenapausal women _____ageism
13taking estrogen and progesterone to compensate for women's hormone loss at menapause  _____osteoarthritis
14risks associated with HRT _____osteoporosis
15male decrease in libido, fatigue, erectile dysfunction  _____"not old"
16age 72 and older, reduced pace while doing this _____walking and other motor actions
17central change according to James Birren  _____hot flashes
18excess alcohol use, high fat diet and smoking _____aging, disease, disuse, and abuse
19poor functioning in old age is due to a combination of the effects of these _____idea density
20porous bone and bone loss _____breast cancer, heart attacks and strokes
21deterioration of cartilage between bones and joints stiffen  _____abuse of the body
22according to this study, education affects longevity and health _____widespread negative stereotypes
23a measure of language processing ability  _____handgrip

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