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Genetics Zocabulary

Mr Casey Roff

So far we've learnt a lot of genetics words but it's time to put your knowledge to the test

phenotype Cell division that creates cells with half as many chromosomes (haploid cells)
variation When the phenotype of one gene masks another
genotype a male sex cell or gamete
homozygous Either a sperm or egg cell created my meiosis
genome Either an A, C, T or G that are the language of DNA
recessive The relationship between two alleles where the phenotype contains some of each allele's phenotype
meiosis The observable characteristics of an organism that are governed by the combination of dominant and recessive genes
chromosome A picture of all the chromosomes in a cell
gene The differences between cells, organisms and groups of organisms caused by genetic differences
mitosis The specific part of a DNA sequence that determines a specific characteristic
nucleotide The genetically inherited condition in which there is a marked deficiency of pigmentation in skin, hair, and eyes
heterozygous A characteristic of an organism that is a due to the alleles of one or more genes
protein A sequence of amino acids who's order is determined by the DNA that codes for it
Gregor Mendel A cell that is formed when a sperm and an ovum combine their chromosomes at conception.
codominance An organism's complete set of DNA, including all of its genes
karyotype When the phenotype is masked by another gene
incomplete dominance A packaged and organised structure of DNA and protein that hhelps keep DNA safe during cell replication
gamete The German Monk who came up with the laws on simple inheritance
trait the relationship between two allels when the phenotype being expressed is a blending of two alleles' phenotypes
dominant containing two difference alleles for the same gene
albinism containing two of the same allele for the same gene
punnett square A segment of DNA that codes for a protein
sperm Cell division involving complete, identical replication of a cell
zygote a simple graphical method of showing all of the potential combinations of offspring genotypes that can occur and their probability given the parent genotypes

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